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Check here for a current schedule of classes.

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We provide both group classes and private
in-home instruction.  Decide what will work for
your needs.
Puppy Kindergarten for puppies 10 to 16

Doggie Manners 1 (for puppies and dogs
over 4 mo.)

Doggie Manners 2 (must complete DM1)

Canine Good Citizen class and test

In-Home private instruction
Full service grooming shop.  All size dogs
welcome.  Baths, brush outs, pet cuts and some
show cuts.  

Appointments are required except for nail
trips, ear cleanings and anal gland


Short haired dogs:
includes bath, brush, nail trim, ear cleaning,anal
gland expression if needed

Small (ex. Chihuahua, smooth Dachshund,)

Medium (ex. smooth Jack Russell, Pug, Beagle)

Large (ex. Lab)

Extra Large (ex. Great Dane, Mastiff)
   $33 and up*

Long haired dogs:
includes bath,  brushout or clip/hand scissor, nail
trim, ear cleaning/plucking, anal gland expression if

Small (ex. Toy Poodle, Yorkie)

Medium (ex. Westie, Min. Poodle, Sheltie)

Large (ex. Wheaton terrier, Airedale, Golden
Retriever, Collie)

Extra Large (ex. Newfoundland, St. Bernard)
   $45 and up*

Add ons and separates:

-Tooth brushing $3 plus initial $1 for your dog's
own toothbrush
-Nail trims $5

*All prices are dependent on dog's size and coat
condition as well as how much brushing and
hand scissoring is done.