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Puppy Kindergarten class
For puppies age 10 to 18 weeks
6 week class
As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention...
Puppy Kindergarten is a class designed to help you and your
pup start out on the right foot.  Puppies are sponges, so the
earlier you start training, the more they will pick up.  

We cover topics such as housetraining, crate training, puppy
chewing, biting and most importantly, socialization. Many
more topics are discussed as well.  

The puppies get to play with each other in a supervised, safe
environment.  You will get to learn about doggie play and what
to watch for to make sure the pups learn how to interact with
one another in a respectful way.  

More dogs are put down due to lack of socialization and lack
of manners than from canine disease.  Start early to get a
well-socialized dog, both with people and other dogs.

Cost for this 6 week course is $80