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In-Home Private Training  
Having problems at home?  Maybe with housebreaking,
destructive chewing or is your dog just  "not listening"?

Do you have issues with dog-dog aggression*  or would you
simply like to take a nice, calm walk without being dragged
down the street?  
In-home training allows us to work on your specific needs, at
your pace with one-on-one attention.

Some topics covered with private lessons:

  • house training
  • crate training
  • walking on leash
  • shy or fearful behaviors
  • aggression*
  • basic obedience behaviors

prices:  $45.00 per 1 hour session*
*(please check here for a detailed list of prices
including drive times etc.

packages also available:
4 sessions: $165.00
6 sessions: $2

*aggression cases extra, please call for estimate.